Ontario Association for Family Mediation 

The OAFM has been promoting family mediation and supporting families in Ontario since 1982 and their Accredited Family Mediator (AccFM) designation has been the gold standard for Family Mediators in Ontario since that time, broadened over time to include Child Protection Mediation (CPMed) and in 2014, the Elder Mediation (AccEM) designations.

What is Family Mediation?

Family Mediation is a process where a neutral facilitator (the Accredited Family Mediator) meets with a family, with or without the presence of legal counsel, helping them identify and then resolve issues relating to parenting, support and/or property division at the time of their separation. Accredited Family Mediators are trained in the facilitation of negotiation skills, communication, conflict resolution and styles, family dynamics, parenting principles, family law and the facilitation of discussion.

Goals of Family Mediation

  • Ensure the safety of all family members

  • Focus the attention on the best interests of the children

  • Provide an equal voice to participants

  • Reduce the emotional stress of the parties involved

  • Reduce the financial costs of resolving family disputes

  • Minimize conflict and uphold peace and respect

  • Conclude with a fair and reasonable agreement