The Ontario Collaborative Law Federation

The OCLF represents collaborative practice groups across Ontario. Their purpose is to share knowledge about collaborative divorce with the public, to train and support collaborative professionals, and to grow awareness of the benefits of the collaborative process.

What is Collaborative Practice?

Collaborative Practice, including Collaborative Law and interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce, is a way to resolve disputes respectfully -- without going to court -- while working with trained professionals who are important to all areas of your life. The term incorporates all of the models developed since Minnesota lawyer Stu Webb created Collaborative Law ideas in the 1980s.

The heart of Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Divorce (also called “no-court divorce,” “divorce with dignity,” “peaceful divorce”) is to offer separating parties the support, protection, and guidance of their own lawyers without going to court. Additionally, Collaborative Practice allows parties the benefit of child and financial specialists, family professionals, and other experts all working together in a team environment.

In Collaborative Practice, parties commit to:

  1. Negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement without having courts decide issues.

  2. Maintain open communication and information sharing.

  3. Create shared solutions acknowledging the highest priorities of all.